Clay Animation

After fifteen years working as a cinematographer and directing stop motion productions, in 2010 Javier Tostado joined up with María Lara to create quality productions aimed at a global audience. The result of this partnership is Clay Animation.

At Clay Animation we develop children’s TV series, adverts, video games and original music, with stop motion animation as the key element. Our style is easily recognisable and is characterised by its dynamic quality, creative freedom, the combination of genres, highly stylised photography and sophisticated post-production.

Believers in young people’s potential in the animation industry, we work in partnership with several universities and vocational training schools. We also organise specific courses to train animators, cinematographers and modelmakers. Best of all, a lot of the students on these courses end up working with us. In recent years we have assembled a team of young people with a lot of talent who are passionate about animation and are capable of surprising our audiences with animations that are full of creativity.

Our first production was animated series Clay Kids, co-produced by TVE and produced with the support of the Ministry of Culture. In the United States it received the prestigious Silver Telly Award. It was ranked number 11 in Mip Junior‘s «Top 30 Most Requested Programs» in 2012. It has participated in the official section of the main international animation festivals and has been bought by 60 countries. Now we combine the production of new seasons of Clay Kids with many other projects that we are excited about.


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Animation in all its genres, sitcoms, video games, challenges, Friday’s screenings, Valencian rice…

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